About Me


    I’m a dedicated massage therapist looking to balance and restore function to the body and reduce pain from every day over-use or injuries. I incorporate many techniques to encourage the tissues of the body to release and relax. I see each dysfunction or problem area as a unique puzzle; unique in its formation, consequent affects and necessary treatment so I approach each client's goal individually. I believe that through tapping into the body's natural drive to heal and repair, we can unlock deeper relaxation and quicker healing from injury. I use fascial releases and lymphatic massage to stimulate the body's immune system, loosen up superficial layers of tissue and prepare the body for restructuring and releasing. This maximizes the potential for progress and allows for work on deeper structures. I soothe aggravated muscle bellies and loosen attachment sites to release tension and help reduce pain. My approach is unique in the way I connect with each client. I include a complimentary pre-massage interview to ensure I get to know you and what your body has endured. I use visual charting and thorough notes to track progress and techniques used for evaluation of effectiveness. I believe success in my career means we achieve such a balance within the body that we are able to reduce the frequency of sessions without reducing the depth and longevity of each massage's benefits.