to Essential Massage & Wellness, the private practice of Loribeth Oxford-Newman. 

    Thank you for taking the time to invest in your wellness. I am a licensed massage therapist with a mobile private practice, providing in-home/in-office massage & wellness services. I believe in encouraging the natural healing process within the body through the promotion of physical and emotional health. I use bodywork, awareness & honest communication to aid in restructuring & balancing that within.

    Massage therapy is an essential aspect to proper function of the body and mind. Regular massage and bodywork can help boost immune functions, defend against stress and mental strain and promotes happiness. Massage can also help lower cortisol levels in the body, regulate hormone production and encourages a healthier metabolism.

Areas of Focus:

- Swedish Relaxation Massage: Long, rhythmic, connecting strokes; promotes relaxation, reduces stress & tension, boosts immune system

- Injury/Rehabilitative Massage: Gradually deeper strokes/techniques are performed on area following injury/surgery/re-injury; speeds up healing, reduces inflammation/swelling, reduces pain, increases range of motion and helps restore function to injured area

- Structural Bodywork/Russian Sports Massage: Deep, intense work that restructures and properly re-aligns soft tissues; promotes recovery from injury, increases range of motion, reduces chronic pain and breaks up scar tissue

- Energetic Modalities: Eastern techniques are used to balance the mind & body through clearing/strengthening the energetic channels within the body; strengthens chi, balances chakras, reduces anxiety & depression and helps reduce dysfunction & chronic pain from physical and emotional trauma

*A full list of modalities and techniques can be found under the Services & Rates*

If you have any questions or would like to set up an appointment, please visit the "Contact Me" section.